production process


All production processes have their right to exist. Together with our customer, we "EIKBOOM" very consciously decides which is the best option for the manufacturing of the requested components. This foresight in the choice of technology ultimately helps to produce as efficiently as possible and thus cost-effectively, without neglecting the quality.

open mould techniques

The hand laminate process is the oldest and simplest form of resin processing for the manual production of GRP components.

The fibre spraying process represents the further development of the manual laminate process and largely automates the process.

closed mould techniques

In the vacuum infusion process, the mould is airtight closed by a vacuum foil or silicon membrane and the resin mixture is transported into the cavity and the fibre materials by the generated pressure gradient (to the atmospheric pressure).

By means of a closed counter-mould, the RTM-light/resin injection technology additionally injects the resin mixture by pressure. This provides optimal results for demanding components.

Vacuum expansion process: Here, the closed mould is vacuum-filled evenly with an expanding foam resin. This results in an expansion and impregnation of the raw materials - lightweight construction at its best.

open mould techniques

closed mould techniques

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